Crabs’ Pincer Movement On Cornered Cat

Crabs' pincer movement on cornered cat
Crabs’ pincer movement on cornered cat
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The video shows two crabs advancing on a cornered cat in a military pincer movement and I must say I like my title. I hope you do too. For some inexplicable (to me) reason two crabs advance in slow motion towards a cornered grey cat until the cat’s inquisitiveness is trumped by anxiety and she escapes with a neat jump.

Why are the crabs advancing on the cat? Are they attacking the cat? That can’t be right, can it? Perhaps it is. It seems pretty clear that the crabs are deliberately advancing towards the cat but for what purposes. Crabs are omnivores so they eat meat.

There is a viral story of a very large coconut crab attacking and killing a bird, which begs the extreme question as to whether the crabs in this video are ‘attacking’ the cat, unlikely as it sounds.

The cat makes and easy and neat escape.

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2 thoughts on “Crabs’ Pincer Movement On Cornered Cat”

  1. Well, crabs don’t attack like animal predators do. I mean they don’t spring, jump or anything, so I think had it latched onto something they could have overpowered and found tasty, they might have. When I saw the title and first frame I thought “This can’t be good.” and I’m glad the cat got away clean. Cats can be so calm in the face of danger. At worst though the crab could have gotten flung across the room or lost an appendage.


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