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Cracks Appearing in the Concept of Cat Cafés — 2 Comments

  1. It takes a animal lover to understand the economics of running a “CAT CAFE”.If properly administered a cat cafe can be a profitable business.I have just returned from a “Little Rann of Kutch” safari tour where we were put up in a excellent farm house resort “Rann Riders” which resembled “Old McDonalds Farm”.The huge resort akin to a English country mansion had a “Horse Stud Farm” and numerous pets and farm animals mingling with the tourists.They had two traditional Persian cats that roamed freely on the palatial estate akin to common cats, thrilling the tourists.The cats got along extremely well with the two labrador and one Great Bernard dog living on the resort.Geese and ducks also gaggled along the pathways with the occasional peacock darting across the lawn.I have travelled many parts of the globe and stayed in a variety of hotels, lodges and hostels but “Rann Riders” was a experience of a lifetime for a lover of nature.Have posted a photo of their Persian cat relaxing in the dining lounge.Entrepreneurs wanting to study the method of running a “CAT CAFE” should visit “Rann Riders” in Dasada village of Gujarat to understand the method of the existence and management of harmony between pet animals and humans.

    • It takes a animal lover to understand the economics of running a “CAT CAFE”

      Yes, it requires an intimate understanding of the cat and good knowledge of managing multi-cat situations. The cat cafe is basically good but there is an uncomfortable relationship between making money and looking after 10 cats in a high street cafe.

      I love your description of Rann Riders. It sounds like a great place. The Persian looks very exotic on the brightly coloured rug. I envy you that trip. It is the sort of thing I’d enjoy.

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