Craigslist’s policy of a small adoption fee for rehoming cats not good enough

Craigslist allows people to advertise a kitten for adoption provided there is a “small adoption fee“. In order to comply with the policy cat owners demand about $5-50 dollars.

Class B dealers in the US are licensed to purchase and sell animals for research. Most deal with other dealers, it seems to me. The key point is that Class B dealers sell random source young dogs for $325-$350. They sell purpose bred dogs for $600-$900¹.

The way I see it, the mark up is enormous and it would make economical sense for a Class B dealer to buy cats advertised on Craigslist.

As a result, I have decided that Craigslist’s policy on advertising cats and dogs does not prevent the wrong people approaching advertisers.

Here is a screenshot of LA Craigslist today. It is just a sample of 168 adverts in total:

Craigslist cats and kittens for sale

Unless I have missed the point, Craigslist is still a market place for the sale of cats, kittens and dogs to dealers where they can pick up cheap cats. Also snake owners would be prepared to pay $20 for a kitten to feed their snake. That’s what I think.

It isn’t good enough Craigslist. Sorry. The policy should be a complete ban on pets as it is the only way to prevent the wrong sort of Craigslist buyer.


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Craigslist’s policy of a small adoption fee for rehoming cats not good enough — 3 Comments

  1. Do you think that the benefits – i.e.: adoption successes on craigslist are of substantial amount? I think it’s a hard choice. I would prefer to see no pets on there but then I know alot of people successfully have adopted from there, people that I know or know of, in the past. It’s a hard one.

  2. No it isn’t good enough, you are right Michael, Craiglist shouldn’t advertise pets at all!
    It’s a frightening thought how any Tom, Dick or Harry can get hold of a vulnerable animal, it needs to be stopped!

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