Craze of Cats Riding on Car Hoods?

ABC6 News have reported on a story about a cat riding on the hood of an SUV in a car parking lot. They say the law in Oregon allows this but not for dogs.

The police are investigating. The cat was attached by a leash but I don’t see how this can help much if he falls off. The driver disappeared before the police turned up.

I went to YouTube looking for the video and found a lot of other videos showing cats on car hoods while the car was moving. It seems to me the driver of the car in question had probably seen some of these videos and decided to copy it for fun.

Although it is not specifically prohibited in Oregon I’d have thought that what happened might fall under animal welfare laws. It is obviously endangering the life of the cat. Although the cat is unaware of the danger. In fact cats riding on hoods probably enjoy it.

Here is the video:

Here is another version of this bizarre past time (there are many others):

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6 thoughts on “Craze of Cats Riding on Car Hoods?”

  1. The cats are not asked for their permission to be put on the car and surveyed at the end on how they feel about it. How would anyone know how a cat feels about it? Animals are not here for us to be amused and put them in life threatening situations like captive orcas, circus elephants, zoos, and yes on car hoods. It is abuse. Sick society values number of likes and shares, that is all these people value to make themselves feel good.

  2. People In these United States clearly have too much extra time on their hands. Maybe working in an animal shelter would be a more useful alternative giving cats a good time. However, people doing things such as this don’t have enough sense to be allowed near a shelter. I agree maybe someone should tie them to a car hood and see if they get a charge out of it. I’ve been in the back of an open truck like this and it was dreadfully windy and uncomfortable. I’m imagining this is not real as the cat’s fur is not blowing in the wind. Think of how riders in a convertible look. Pardon the rant.

  3. On a different note: I’ve seen cats that travel on a bus or local train who know where they’re going and manage to return home just fine, like daily. I recently read a report/study that says cats apparently have the ability like humans to picture a mental map, which explains how they’re able to find their way home from far away sometimes.

  4. A slight swerve or tap on the brakes and the cat will fall off and go under the vehicle. It’s just that simple, stupid and deadly. Also at a fairly low wind speed she’ll slide off. It’s one of those common sense things that when a normal person sees it they try to stop it, hopefully not abruptly. And hopefully there are some normal people in Oregon, namely police officers.

  5. What the hell is wrong with humans? They get more stupid and brainless every day. Tie them to the hood and go riding around.


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