Crazy Cat Lady?

By Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Crazy Cat Lady
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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Why is a woman with a number of cats, often called a ‘crazy cat lady’?

Why isn’t a woman with a number of children called a ‘crazy child lady’?

Why isn’t a woman with a number of dogs called a ‘crazy dog lady’?

It applies to men too of course, but we very rarely hear of a ‘crazy cat man’ even though there are men with more than one or two cats.

There are quite a few men with more than one or two dogs too, but we never hear them called ‘crazy dog men’ do we?

Children and dogs can be a pest in public, cats don’t wreak havoc in supermarkets like children do, cats don’t make a noise barking, or mess on footpaths, or jump up at people leaving muddy paw marks like dogs do.

Each to his own and I respect that some people like children around and some like dogs around, so why don’t those people respect that some of us like cats around?

Why think we are crazy because we happen to love cats?

What happened to live and let live, does it not apply to cat people? Why do journalists write biased articles about cats and try to turn people against them?

I find people who love cats to be the most caring and kind to other people and other species of animals too.

We may not want children or dogs in our lives but we don’t begrudge or mock those who do want them. We only ask that they understand we have as much right to our choice as they have.

Well we only have two cats in our home right now but I also care about our neighbour’s cats, the local Sanctuary cats and all cats worldwide.

If that makes me a crazy cat lady then I’m very proud of my title.

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

22 thoughts on “Crazy Cat Lady?”

  1. Love your poster Ruth! I like being a mad cat lady because I’m happy 🙂 My philosophy is if what I do hurt no one then mind your own damn business and don’t interfere! As you say I don’t riducule anyone because of what pet they have in their family so I don’t expect to be treated any differently!

  2. Ruth, I love your posters! This one has generated all sorts of interesting comments. When I study the poster and reflect, I’m reminded of the high “maintenance” required in having children and dogs as part of our lives. Constant attention is required to lovingly nurture. This is not a bad thing, it just is. Cats are a wonderful part of my life, with their purrs, eyes, soft fur juxtaposed by wonderful claws. Especially after having raised an exceptional German Shepherd and daughter. What a blessed way to follow up that nurturing. 🙂 I am in heaven with my three cats! I love their eye contact–everything about them.

    • Thanks Caroline, you prove that it doesn’t have to be love kids, love dogs, but hate cats, or love cats but hate kids and dogs. If only everyone would live and let live, this world would be a much nicer place.
      I can’t understand why some people feel the need to mock cat lovers, why some people like Woody hate cats and cat lovers or why some people want to hurt cats.

  3. Fantastic poster.
    I wouldn’t mind being called a crazy cat lady it’s much better than being called a Peta Freak which I get even though I hate Peta.
    Serious though it’s not right a woman with a horde of kids isn’t called a crazy child lady and a woman with a pack of dogs a crazy dog lady.
    It’s discrimination 😉


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