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Crazy Cat Man Chris on a mission to rescue 30 cats from house of horror — 4 Comments

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  2. Good man with plenty of experience and good looks, which could only help where the ladies are concerned. I like cat guys too. In fact I am one, but I wouldn’t know it because I’ve never had to beat them off with a stick. I’m still waiting that kind of attention but I’ll settle for my Calie walking at my side up and down the sidewalk at my heels. Today I had to walk a few blocks to get my car and she followed me half way. When I returned in my car I didn’t see her but knew where she was… where she stopped half way wondering if she should seek and rescue me, but she waited for me to come walking back. She was surprised to see me come from the home direction but so glad she bounced and rolled over all the way home. Let’s see any lady do that for me.

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