Crazy or confident mother lowers son on rope to flat below to rescue pet cat

This is an opinion/cat news story. Depending on your point of view this mother living in a block of flats in Peng’an County, Sichuan Province, China is crazy or over-confident. Either way her decision to lower her son down on a rope, tied around him, from the balcony of her fifth floor flat to rescue their cat on the balcony below, would possibly be considered child endangerment in the West.

Mother lowers son down on rope from balcony to rescue cat below
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Mother lowers son down on rope from balcony to rescue cat below. Screenshot.

She said that she did it with confidence in her heart but reflecting on it she said that she would not dare to do it again. Good!

The cat rescue took about ten minutes and was videoed by a spectator from the ground.

The boy is 7-years-of-age and therefore is able to express an opinion I’d have thought. Apparently he has taken the experience in his stride.

Onlookers screamed at her to be careful! They would. Some criticised her. I’d have thought that in America the mother would have been interviewed by the police and the local authority. There would have been the possibility that she’d have been charged with a crime and her parenting investigated.

You can see that she simply tied a rope around her son and lowered her down from the balcony. It was all a bit Heath Robinson and liable to go wrong.

One good point worth making is that clearly the woman loves her cat very much. I suspect the boy does too. She is a strong woman too. It seems that she was unable to get access to her neighbour’s flat where her cat was probably enjoying himself on the balcony. The boy did well to place the cat in what appears to be a basket.

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