Crazy’s Claws N Paws Official Statement in Response to Dropped Charges

Tammie Hedges of Crazy's Claws N Paws
Tammie Hedges of Crazy’s Claws N Paws
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Tammie Hedges and her team of Crazy’s Claws N Paws have made an official statement on her Facebook webpage in response to the dropped charges. To see previous posts on this PLEASE CLICK HERE (opens new tab/window) – Here is the statement:

“Official Statement:

We are very blessed that the charges against our founder, Tammie Hedges, have been dismissed. We remain optimistic that no other charges will be filed, and that this is the end to a terrible, terrible situation. We hope to devote time and energy to our rescue, Crazy’s Claws N Paws, and to our renovation of our dream project. We strive for a lifelong dedication to working with state and local law enforcement to make North Carolina safe for our animals.

We cannot begin to express our heartfelt appreciation for the outpouring of support, globally, for CCNP’s founder, Tammie Hedges.

We wish to personally thank RAINA NYLIRAM from Langhorne, PA for her generosity, foresight, and love for animal security by starting the first GOFUNDME account. Although we do not know you, we are sisters in the fight for animal welfare. If you are ever in our area, please make some time for CCNP!

ESOR SAFARI from Trenton, NJ, and WENDY MAY from NC, we’d also like to thank you! Your GOFUNDME charity is much appreciated as well. Please, if you ever are in the area, come visit with us!

This experience has unified rescues and has made our organization realize that not only do we need to be vigilant in our rescue efforts but, also in our legislative efforts to foster animal welfare laws that are conducive to actually helping owners, rescuers, and animals.

Crazy’s Claws N Paws”


Very briefly Tammie was arrested and charged with administering medication – antibiotics and painkillers basically – without being licensed to do so, to dogs she had rescued from Hurricane Florence. Her defence was that she had to under the circumstances as roads and communication systems were closed.

Link to FB page

You can see it on the FB Crazy’s Claws N Paws webpage by clicking on this link.


It was written by a lawyer! It has to be. It’s very controlled and beige, if you know what I mean. Still, it’s their statement. There was a veiled message in the wording of the dropped charges in that there may – slim chance – be an investigation by her veterinary association? I believe that Tammie is a vet tech. I would expect this to be the end of the matter however.

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  1. Aye I know about the dropped charges and I also put the ‘Animal Legal Defense Fund’ in touch with her after sending them the telly news piece and added info from her facebook page but I am bothered by some who have posted on her personal page how she is getting money and making egregious comments about her and slandering her,I got into it with twit by the name of ‘Kimberly’ who has posted old photos from 2015 that are the result of another natural disaster,she is is a trouble maker and I hope Tammie will ban/block her from her page.


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