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The above picture was taken in the USA in 2008-9 approximately.

This is me today August 2017 (older etc.):-

Michael Broad. Creator of PoC.

Regarding the top photo this is me with RW, SGC Magnacats Jack Black (the link leads to a v.large format photo) a champion Maine Coon cat. The breeder and owner is Carol Campbell. Photograph ©copyright Helmi Flick.

If you would like to know a bit about the person who built this website please read on.

I am a retired Solicitor who practiced divorce and general law. I am 68-years-of-age as at August 2017. I live in Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey, England. Before practicing as a locum solicitor I worked in a number of businesses including photofinishing and, yes, there were other jobs including working as a freelance photographer illustrating articles on well known personalities. This was mainly photojournalistic portrait photography and my first form of self-employment.

Having retired from law work in 2005, I decided to keep myself focused by building a website that could earn money to improve the lives of cats on an international level. This has been a rewarding challenge the result of which is this website, which is constantly under construction. The site is doing quite well. At early 2009, it has about 8,000 visitors per day, including the sub-domains. Update April 2010: 11,000 unques per day on PoC and about 2,000 on the blog is the usual. But things change as always. Update Oct 2010: 14,000 uniques per day, sometimes, but this fluctuates! Update June 2017: struggling more these days because older sites are harder to maintain. In total getting around 4k page views per day but sometimes 7k. Recently the site got 57k pageviews in a 24 hour period thanks to one post by Elisa who writes for the site. She shares in the advertising revenue. She specialises in cat rescue.

I love animals. Having a great interest in wildlife and conservation, I am painfully aware of the gradual erosion of wild cat habitat and other negative impacts by increased human activity. I believe that not enough emphasis is being placed on this. I am also aware of the difficult lives of domestic cats in many parts of the world. This site discusses this on a number of levels.

I have kept cats for many years. They have always been moggies, cats that have come to me. My favorite cat is the one who comes to me and quietly asks for help. I lived with Binnie, Charlie and Michelle. Binnie was a female tuxedo cat, 18 years of age (at Oct 2010), who I found hiding under a parked car on a cold November night in London’s Notting Hill Gate, where I lived at the time. Update: Binnie has passed on to a better place. Greatly missed. She had a long and good life.

We had a frequent visitor, a tuxedo male stray cat who comes and goes as he pleases, who we named Timmy. I prefer cats to dogs because, like cats I am independently minded and decidedly not a pack animal. Charlie is a three legged cat.



My current cat companion (June 2017) is Gabriel, a spotted tabby who I raised from kittenhood when he was a feral cat. I continue to have an interest in photography and I have always liked to play and watch sport.

Gabriel – Gabs – Gabby

I am pleased to be the creator of Pictures of cats org. I hope that you enjoy the website. There is lots more to do for the love and welfare of the domestic and wild cats of the world. And initially I couldn’t have done it without Helmi and Ken Flick but the site has developed and moved on.

Here I am with Helmi:

Photograph by Ken Flick

About the photograph of me and Jack Black heading this page: This was taken by Helmi at the Waxahachie cat show on 22nd-23rd Nov.2008. Waxahachie is in Texas about 50 kms south of Dallas.

If anyone wants to contact me personally, to discuss joining with me in being an internet voice for the cat, including the wildcat, here are some details at March 30th 2017:

Tel: 0208 546 8126 — If calling internationally the number from the USA (as an example) would be 011 44 208 546 8126.

Address: 14 Aragon Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England, UK, KT2 5QE.

Email: mjbmeister[at] (the @ has been changed as email addresses can be hijacked. Please convert [at] to @)

Ethos – purpose of this site

Photo: ©copyright Helmi Flick

The purpose of this website, pictures of, is to present the best cat pictures and information, improve cat welfare and to make money. Some of the money is spent on improving the welfare of cats. Please note that this is a long term project and some monies are routinely held back for future large investments to the site to make it the best.

I have chosen a variety of charities and I constantly review things. You can See the donations here. One of my favorites is Texas Maine Coon Rescue. Things change and evolve, of course.

The goal of this site is to provide the finest pictures of cats supported by carefully researched facts and fair comment. These are my views.

Both wild and domestic cats are vulnerable to the activities of the humans, who came to this world many millions of years after the wild cat was here.

My favourite cat is the vulnerable stray cat, who comes to me and in presenting him/herself to me silently asks for help.

Enjoy Pictures of Cats and live harmoniously with our more vulnerable fellow creatures.

Please comment here using either Facebook or WordPress (when available).
Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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    • That's fine and I am pleased that you have a use for it on your site. Permission granted! I am glad it still works. At one time YouTube messed it up with subtitles which over-wrote my words in the video.

  • Hi. You reference me in one of your articles ( character attacked me unnecessarily. I'd like you to remove this piece from your website. You don't know me, we've never corresponded, and you've taken the liberty to use a comment I may have posted elsewhere a very long time ago without my permission or engagement. I don't appreciate my words or choices being sensationalized for your website's benefit. I hope you'll do the right thing and remove the inflammatory piece that mentions me by full name and geographical location. I really don't need you or the Janes of the world attacking me online for sport.

    • My reference to you is perfectly respectful and polite. I am not attacking you. I am entitled to my opinions. When you publish stuff on the internet you open yourself up to comment from others. It is normal. I won't remove anything.

  • Hi Michael, I have a 3 year old cat named Ashton. He just got diagnosed with FeLV. I would like to try RetroMAD1 but don't know how to purchase it as I live in the US. Is there anyway you could help me quickly as time is of the essence!

    • Shannon, the trouble with this drug is that is is rare and hard to get and not many people use it. Also I am not sure that it is used by vets. I have searched and found this:

      'Use of RetroMAD1 outside Malaysia need not be ruled out. A cat owner in a European country has reported accessing the drug after contacting the person leading trials in Malaysia and following advice relating to transport and import. Interested vets can explore obtaining the drug by contacting their Animal Trial Officer, telephoning the BioSatria contact person Ms Yanthi (03-79604942), or emailing Information on a number of practical details remains scanty, but refrigeration of the drug is prudent, and administration prior to rather than in meals best practice."

      You might like to read this article of mine written many years ago:

      Good luck to you both. The future is okay.

  • I can't find anything on this so I'll just comment here. The emails with links that I get send me to the OOPS! page when I click on the regular link. I have to click on the facebook link, go there, then open the article again there to go to here where the article originated in order to read it,etc. It's a chore I didn't have to go through for a long time. Is this my set up or something else? Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Michael,
    Thank you for your continued dedication. I operate a parrot sanctuary in Bradenton, FL and would love to help with the situation in Plant City. Could you please email me privately to discuss this.

  • Hi, Michael, I don't know if you remember me but a LONG time ago I was the person known as "Firestar (female)" haha.

    I was wondering if maybe you could open up the old chatbox on the Warriors page again? It says it expired and I dunno, I was on the website way back in 2010-2011 so it brings back a lot of memories and I can only imagine I'm not the only one who pops by, and I think it'd be a great way for some old POCers to communicate if we ever want to chat with one another again?

    Selena M. Castro

    • Selena, I have noticed that there is one chat box remaining. It is hardly used. The other one that I deleted was not being used at the time I deleted it. Can you use the one that is on the page at the moment?

    • Hi Selena. Nice to hear from you. The level of activity dropped over the years to a low level so I gave up with it. I'll see if I can regenerate it as you have asked!

  • Michael - how about running a piece about the real origins of the Lykoi breed of cat? I've collected a lot here (thanks to some ethical breeders) and one horrifying fact is the death of the foundation male from being left outdoors in sub-zero centigrade temperatures.

    • A little more, recently received - dubious and IMO cruel breeding method at a vet clinic (keeping cats in darkness is definitely a form of cruelty, that it should be done by a vet is beyond belief):

      This is a picture that was taken from a video that was done about the Lykoi. There are several of these dark closets shown in the video. Each one with 3-4 cats in them. They are holding rooms at Mr Gobble’s vet clinic for the cats until time for mating. Johnny told Patti Thomas that the way to bring a female on heat is to "keep them in a completely dark room until you want them to come in heat, then you put them in a well lit room with direct sunlight for several hours a day." Those holding rooms are dark with no lights. In the video he opens the door and turns on the light. The cats in this still image are domestic shorthairs and F1 Lykois to be used for future breeding.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Sarah. I'll have a go at it tomorrow. I hope you and yours are well by the way. I've had a terrible cold the past week. Quite awful. I am just pulling out of it I hope. The weather is too damn cold for me. Best wishes.

      • I've escaped the cold/flu and I'm hoping to stay that way. The cold weather doesn't bother me too much but as a concession to age I sometimes put the heating on very low and watch the cats gravitate towards radiators. I have even been walking outside in shirtsleeves as the temperature creeps up to 8 celsius.

  • Love your work, as you know, and am a frequent commenter. Would it be possible to have this photo be my avatar when I post? Thanks! (just for kicks)

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