Creepy pictures of a Sphynx cat in a wig and dress

These are just plain creepy. Creepypasta comes to mind. They were brilliantly set up and taken by a very clever photographer who I believe is the cat’s caregiver. They have a very mysterious mood. But at this time, I don’t know the photographer’s name. The photos come from a much-retweeted tweet on Twitter. Someone referred to Sphynx cats in clothes as ‘Sphyngers’. Another likened the last picture to photos of Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Another cleverly made the last image look like the Na’vi, the humanoid creatures that live in various places across planet Pandora in the film Avatar. Cool. Very cool digital editing. It is humanizing (anthropomorphizing) the cat very successfully.

And another focused on the Sphynx’s paw which looks like a human hand. More creepypasta.

Paws of the cat look like human hands

Paws of the cat look like human hands. Photo: Twitter. Sphynx cat paws do indeed look like human hands and they are webbed as well.

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