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Creepy video: Sphynx cat’s paws look like hands gripping human hand

Sphynx cat grips human hand

For me, this is a slightly creepy video. It just looks very odd and the cat’s paws, being naked, look a bit like the human hand that they are gripping. It always seems to me that the toes of a Sphyx cat are longer than those of other cat breeds or random bred cats. This may be an illusion because there is no fur covering them.


The human hand is that of a woman as I think I can see nail varnish. It makes for an interesting video: the clear skin of both the cat and human set against the white sheets. And the fact that the video is of low quality removes some detail which smoothes everything out which enhances the alien feel of the video.

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Creepy video: Sphynx cat’s paws look like hands gripping human hand

For me, this is a slightly creepy video. It just looks very odd and the cat's paws, being naked, look ...
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