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Croatian stray tortoiseshell cat jumps in camper van and instantly bonds with international travellers never to leave

This is one heck of a cat. So intelligent and so in tune with the human lifestyle. Okay this couple are travelling around in a mobile home but she gets it. She has no problems in being the vehicle and following them on walks. It is hard to believe. They must have the odd hiccup when Millie stops following them and takes a diversion or gets lost. Something like that. It all seems too perfect. Perhaps it is perfect. The story starts with them in Croatia according to the video so this is a Croation tortie. Now what happens when they cross boarders? Quarantine rules apply? I guess we don’t get to discuss that kind of stuff. No matter. It is still a lovely video.

All Tortoiseshell Cats Are Feminine

We know that nearly all tortoiseshell cats of female. Dr Morris says that it has been calculated that about one ...
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Hurry, your chance to adopt a 1 in 3000 cat

A rare, young, male, black tortoiseshell cat is up for adoption at the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society, USA. His name ...
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What is a blue-cream colored cat?

A blue cream colored cat is a dilute tortoiseshell cat (dilute tortie). The blue-cream colour is the dilute form of ...
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How rare are male tortoiseshell cats?

Our dear Sarah Hartwell, Britain's scientific cat lover, quotes figures of 1 in 1000 to 1 in many thousands with ...
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Pictures: a Russian tabby, a British tortoiseshell, a flame Siamese and a worn scratching post

Here are four photos. I have collected them over the past couple of weeks. I thought I'd bundle them together ...
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Muted (dilute) Tortoiseshell Cat Dana

Dana, aged about 17, lives with a neighbour, Anne. Dana was a wandering outdoor, indoor cat that found her way ...
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Tortie Tomcats

By Sarah Hartwell (of Estimates of the frequency of tortoiseshell and calico tomcats range from 1-in-1000 to 1-in-many-thousands though ...
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Kays Hill Torties Past And Present

After we all here on PoC enjoyed seeing Kays Hill ginger cats and then black cats and sharing photos of ...
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