Crossposters needed: Cat lost during accident on NJ Turnpike June 2015 still missing

This is a request to crosspost on the story of Pancho and Puky. Both cats were lost during an accident on the New Jersey Turnpike on June 24, 2015.

Puky still lost following June 2015 car accident
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Pancho was found 100 days after the serious accident that occurred while owners Carlos Seijo and Olga Garcia of Florida were traveling south on the Turnpike at milepost 8.4 in Gloucester County. Puky is still missing

Please click here for an article published June 29 by for more information about the crash in which the cat carrier busted open on impact (article opens in new window).

Although Puky was lost in Woolwich Township, keep in mind that after so many months, he may have gained or lost weight. Someone may have taken him in and don’t realize he has a family still desperate to find him. Or he may have joined up with a feral colony and has a caregiver.

The most recent post on the Facebook community page Pancho and Puky are lost March 7, 2018 says

“Greetings all on this wintery day in New Jersey. We’re hoping everyone is warm and safe and surrounded by furkids! We remain steadfast in our search for Puky. There has been many stories recently of pets returned to their loving families after months, even years of being missing. We continue to monitor posts on lost and found pages, emails from PetFinder and Adopt-a-Pet for cats available for adoption and tags from caring people who watch local pages for found orange tabbies. We thank you and appreciate your help more than you will ever know…”

If found, contact Bonnie Westbrook at You may also message the Facebook page, even if it’s just to leave a tip or use the latest flyer info posted in this article.

The power of social networking is strong. Crossposters (those who use social media to share animals in need) are part of the complex system to put those in need to those who can help. It would be great if we can all join together and get this information into the right hands to where Puky can be reunited with his family.

Additional source here.

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    • I remember someone on their Facebook page commenting they had Pancho microchipped as soon as they got him back.


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