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Crows pestering street cats by pecking their tails. Why? — 2 Comments

  1. Same for the second video. The crow is trying distraction again, to prevent the fight.

    Stopping a cat fight before it starts is notoriously tricky, it is easy to get the moment for action wrong and cause the fight to start.

    I think corvids are more likely to try and stop a fight starting. It is not unusual for corvids to form relationships with local resident cats, even a distant one.

    A friend of ours calls the hundreds of Jackdaws that live opposite us, the Neighbourhood Police. I agree with him.

  2. It looks to me as if the crows are trying to stop the fight breaking out by distraction. Maybe they know better than to annoy the instigator (the black cat) this way.

    Corvids are often thought of as cheeky, squabblesome, but they are birds that do not readily carry out pointless aggressive behaviour.

    The corvids are very intelligent, they have complex social relationships within their own kind, other species too.

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