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Croydon Cat Killer Does Not Exist — 6 Comments

  1. There is backstory to this shutdown of Operation Takahe. A few months ago a crusty, cat hating professor of biology had his “opinion” on this published in New Scientist. He knows a few higher up types and as he did several years ago on a different set of cat murders with mutilation, he managed to get this investigation shut down. This nasty, increasingly irrelevant proff, desperately clinging to his tenure, based his opinion on some dodgy old footage of a fox carrying a rotting cat head down a street.

    Dragging out the head of the RCVS as a definitive provider of re-examination of post mortem is a bit of a joke as top brass at royal colleges rarely actually practice hands on.

    The met chose to shut the op down in the meanest most derogatory manner possible, they have caused more distress to already traumatised stewards of victims.

    This whole sad episode stinks. Maybe someone of “note” has been discovered as the cat killer and shutting down the op was what was decided to save embarrassment of a socially significant person. The english are good at cowardice and protecting the higher ups.

    Whatever the met police or nasty old professors say, there is a cat killer or killers murdering cats across parts of the country.

    The UK is not a safe place for cats to roam freely.

    Keep your cats safe, keep them in at night!!

  2. I find this decision startling. Seems there was enough evidence from the beginning to warrant a criminal search, now suddenly this denial of the existence of a cat killer? 😠😱

  3. Another cat-nutter “casus belli” evaporates like a vampire exposed to sunlight. These pathetic “people” will have to find some other reason to shriek and flail. No worries, they will–they’re addicted to attention, however fleeting.

    • Don’t be so nasty. There is no need for it. There were genuine reasons to believe it was a person. Stop being a troll and try and write sensible comments that are not full of bile.

      • Perhaps you’re not paying attention. There are reasons why finding out this is yet another “frantic fraud” is no surprise. Alley Cat Allies has turned it into a money making scheme: every time they photograph a dead cat in an alley or on a roadway, they scream about how it was a VICTIM of a CAT-HATER, and beg for money to find the perpetrator and bring him to justice! Of course there never is one, but ACA never gives any of the money back. There is ALWAYS a need for the truth–the more so that you and your shrink from it like vampires from a crucifix whenever you’re exposed to it. Khalas.

        • It appears more and more that people who don’t have cats aren’t cat haters. The only real cat-haters on this planet are those that falsely claim to love cats while throwing cats under the wheels of cars.

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