Croydon Cat Killer wants to hurt the cats’ owners psychologically

The infamous Croydon Cat Killer has become emboldened by his success. He is becoming careless and overconfident. The net is closing in on him. Massive Internet publicity has motivated the police to find him and the public is playing their part as well as is a rescue organisation, SNARL (South Norwood Animal Rescue Liberty).

But I believe the overriding aspect of this long-running saga is that this serial cat killer likes to mutilate family pets, including rabbits, to psychologically hurt the owners even though he does not know them. It is an expression of anger. It is believed that this is the reason why he targets domestic cats wondering outside rather than feral, unowned cats. The cat becomes a vehicle to upset the owner.

This happens so often as to be commonplace. We see it in matrimonial disputes and disputes between couples. I believe that the equally infamous cat cruelty case of Sage the Cat in America is also an example of a person cruelly torturing a cat to get at and upset the cat’s owner.

Serial killers become more expert in their killing the more they do it. As long as they evade the law they can continue practising their killing. And success breeds confidence and more success can breed overconfidence which can lead to carelessness. It is believed that serial killers don’t want to be caught but they can become careless. They take risks. Also as they become more notorious, the public and police become more aware, alert and knowledgeable about the killer. The net gradually closes in but the killer does not want to stop because of his overconfidence. This can lead to an arrest and we are all hopeful that it occurs soon in this instance.

It is believed that the police are close to catching him. He was spotted in Caterham, Surrey attempting to coax a cat towards himself. He fled when challenged. The suspect was seen acting suspiciously in the village of Hooley, Surrey. We know his voice and general appearance. This is one cat cruelty case which is genuinely being pursued with some vigour by law enforcement. Often this is not the case. We can thank social media for gyrating the police into action.

It would seem he is expressing his anger at the world by killing cats. His callous mutilation of the cats and their careful placement so that the owners see their beloved pet strongly suggests his primary motivation to hurt people. Everyone should be vigilant and play there part in catching him. Don’t be fearful. Just get him.

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