Croydon serial cat killer ups his game and it’s bad

The worry is that this serial cat killer and mutilator will suddenly turn to humans and start slaughtering them.

Whereas about a year ago this serial killer was killing (by blunt force trauma) around three cats a week, he is now doing it 5-6 times a week. The killer invariably mutilates the dead cat in various ways such as decapitation, removal of tail or cutting the cat in half.

Cat victims of the Croydon Ripper
The first report — Cat victims of the Croydon Cat Ripper: Top Amber (the first victim) and Louise. This image was taken from the Times newspaper. It also shows a map of London and the wide spread of activity of the ripper.
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Croydon, by the way, is in Southeast London, UK. His diabolical work is not confined to Croydon but that is where he started.

Police have been investigating this ongoing crime for a considerable time without success. No arrest have been made. We can’t blame the police completely because it is quite easy to kill outdoor domestic cats without being seen. I would hope though that some enlightened thinking can take place amongst the police ranks in order to track down this individual if indeed it is the work of one man. There may be some copycat killings going on for all we know.

The police have stored 170 cat corpses (and the corpses of other animals) so far in freezers. The number of suspected victims has quadrupled in the past six months.

In October 13 dead animals were linked to the case. They were found over a period of 13 days.

“There has been an increase in risk-taking. The worry is that at some point he will flip to humans”

So said Boudicca Rising of South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty. She has been involved in trying to arrest the killer.

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