Cruelty Inside Product Testing Lab

Cruelty Inside Product Testing Lab

by Gary Allen
(Nanaimo, BC Canada)

Dear Elisa,

I have a kitten who’s become my best friend. I have seen the story and video from The Product Testing Lab. It fills me with anger outrage and disgust for the companies and the people who work for them treating animals as cruel and inhumane as I saw them doing.

Those staff members in the video..where do horrible uncaring and disgusting people like them come from? And since these animal labs exist why do they have the most awful animal hating people work for them?

I don’t know where these type of people come from but to mistreat animals like they do they have to be depraved.

I hope that ALL of these labs are abolished for all time and never again be allowed to exist. I also have to question the vets that visit these labs and allow such abuse to go on,I feel these vets are a disgrace to the profession.


Gary Allen

{Note: this is an online letter in the form of a short post from Gary to Elisa Black-Taylor in reference to an article written by Elisa}

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Cruelty Inside Product Testing Lab

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Mar 12, 2012
Horrible NEW
by: Barbara

Some of the things that go on in these labs are too horrible to think about, I can’t understand anyone wanting a job like that and then going home to a normal evening and night’s sleep, they must be made of cold heartless rock. I feel so sorry for the animal prisoners that can’t do anything to help themselves and just have to take whatever is dished out to them. My hear breaks for the animals in this world.

Barbara avatar

Mar 12, 2012
Cruelty abounds NEW
by: Ruth

Horrific things go on in labs as we know from the brave under cover people who have seen it with their own eyes.
I think a person would have to be totally without feelings for animals, to work in a lab.
Bad enough those animals are experimented on but to be abused too by the people who do so is unbearable to think of.
It’s the same in slaughter houses, as if the animals aren’t frightened enough knowing death is coming, the people who kill them for a living sometimes abuse them first.
Everyone who cares should stop using any product which is tested on animals, you can easily check the labels to make sure.
Stop eating flesh and wearing animal skin or fur, stop buying furniture made of animal hide.
Only by doing all this can we reduce the number of animals suffering, even though, sadly, we can’t stop it altogether.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Mar 12, 2012
by: Michael

Hi Gary. I share your feelings. Thanks for writing to Elisa. Unfortunately there are many callous and unfeeling people in the world and some of them find their way into animal testing labs.

You wonder how they got the job. Perhaps they were deliberately hired because they are unfeeling.

Any person who is concerned about animal welfare could not work in such a place and might cause problems for the employer.

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