Crying Cat?

by Saddie
(Oklahoma, United States)

I adopted our beautiful American Shorthair tabby cat from our local animal shelter one month ago. The first tree weeks were great. He was playing with the kids and we have absolutely no problems with aggression or litter box, nothing. But this last week he has been going to the window and to the door and starts meowing, and making these really sad crying sounds.

There is a cat that comes to the door and they talk to each other. I was wondering if he needs a companion? He is 16 months old and so lovable. We took him to the vet after the first night of crying and she said he was healthy and nothing that she could see. He is strictly an indoor cat and is declawed. He just seems so sad this week and doesn’t seem to get any better how much attention I give him. So do you think he needs a companion? After all he has been in and out of animal shelters his whole life.


Hi Saddie… Thanks for sharing. He sounds like a great boy cat. Cats don’t cry as we know it but they have emotions. Cat crying is continual meowing. I think the obvious or common sense answer is the right answer. He cries when he is at the door or window. So he is asking you to let him through these “obstructions”. I sense that he is in the mood to explore. Perhaps the other cat is a factor too. Cats are naturally inquisitive as we all know. That it why cats are said to have 9 lives. Their inquisitiveness gets them into trouble. His desire to explore beyond the boundaries that he is comfortable with is probably because he is comfortable. Being in a new place has fired up the exploratory instincts.

I think it will fade in time. Plenty of toys, play and attention should ease it. These are personal choices but a walk with a leash is one way to take a cat out safely but few people do this and doing it will create a taste for it. A cat enclosure is another relatively unpopular route.

The experts say that a cat asking for something that cannot be provided should be discouraged by ignoring the cat (see how to stop cat waking us up). I personally can’t do that. I would rather find a solution that works for me and my cat, a work around if you will. And the idea of getting another cat may be an answer but that is another big step to take…

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May 21, 2010
Help….cry baby
by: shannon

Help! I just adopted a cat from the shelter a few weeks ago and I ready to send him back. He crys all the time. The vet says nothing is wrong but he cries and cries. He is very loud with it and acts like he isn’t happy. I have an old cat (15 yrs) and he just yells at her and all night he yells. I have done everything. I don’t want to have to take him back but I am lost to what to do.

Mar 31, 2010
crying cats
by: vanessa

i have two cats
both one years old
we do not them sleep with us. we close our bedroom door. everynight they cry at the door. it usually starts a few hours after going to bed. i will get up give them some love. that usually helps, till a few hours later

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