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Curing Your Allergy to Cats (new injection) — 5 Comments

    • Thanks Riverside. That sounds sensible. I guess the dander settles inside carpets. The same applies to fleas. Get rid of carpets to help get rid of fleas. Also new carpets can contain chemicals that can poison cats.

  1. my brother had absolutely brutal allergic reactions to my cats. i bought two quadra air cleaners from the sharper image and he never sneezed again. you can also bathe a nice cat in allerpet c. i’d go to any lengths before giving my cats away.

    • Thanks Catherine.
      Air purifiers and keeping cats combed to remove dander is the answer.
      Also, like many other allergies, people just tend to “outgrown” them. The longer exposed, the more they are desensitized.

      • I agree about outgrowing a cat allergy. I am not allergic to cats but when I adopted Charlie I became slightly allergic to him but then within 2 years or so the slight allergy went away so this definitely supports what you say about outgrowing an allergy. I think we can become desensitized and get used to it and this is quite important in a discussion about an allergic reaction to cats.

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