Curious Cat Story

by Elisa Black-Taylor

Good morning readers – the curious cat story..are you curious! Today I’d like to share a few stories about cats who let curiosity get the best of them. These “cat tales” all have happy endings, so feel free to read on. There will be a discussion at the end of this story.

My first curious cat story involves a cat who was stuck on a 20 ft. tall cactus. It’s safely on the ground now with only a few sore paws to show from it’s three day adventure.

The cat was spotted on top of the cactus last week near the Salt River in Phoenix, Arizona. Here’s a video of the story that kept Americans glued to their TV sets for three days.

According to Fox 9 News out of Phoenix, the black cat had been stuck on top of the cactus between two and three days without food or water before it decided to come down on its own.

Although those following the story were concerned for the cat’s safety, rescue workers said it could be dangerous for the cat to attempt a rescue unless absolutely necessary.

The cat decided it was time to climb down when a helicopter owned by KNXV flew overhead.

Since no one actually saw the cat climb the cactus, one can never be sure whether it was out of curiosity or fear.

At least we had a happy ending with this kitty.

Here’s another curious cat story that made the news back in October. It also had a happy ending. Check out this YouTube video of a cat perched atop a traffic signal.

I couldn’t find any information on how the cat managed to climb on top of the traffic signal or on how it was rescued. From my point of view, this has to be the most unusual place a cat has managed to view the world from.

While researching this article I discovered cats who had become trapped in storm grates, behind the wall in a house and under the hood of a car. All had to be rescued when they were unable to free themselves on their own.

I’ve had a couple of curious cats who were almost harmed getting into cat mischief. When Furby was a kitten he stuck his head through the small hole in a banana box. This is a cardboard box with holes around the top. His head went in, but refused to come back out. I had to cut the box to free him.

Back in 1992, I had a cat named Tiger who decided to climb to the top of a 20 foot tree. She made herself comfortable on a large tree limb and refused to come down. Everyone told me not to worry. A cat will come down when it’s good and ready and not a minute before. I waited practically day and night for four days. On the fourth day I called a roofing company and an employee climbed a ladder and brought my kitty down. She was hungry and dehydrated and never climbed that tree again. A typical curious cat story.

Now for the discussion. My favorite part of this article because I can’t wait to hear from the readers. My question for you today is “Has your cat ever gotten stuck/trapped in a strange place?”

Part of me is curious about your cats strictly from a story viewpoint. Another part of me would like to be forewarned of any strange circumstances a cat may get itself into and will need help getting out of.

So please, share your stories.



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Nov 19, 2011 CAT ON CACTUS
by: Lorraine KINNAIRD

The poor kitty didnt actually look too distressed once down-probably just relieved! shows how tough our lil kitties can be! 🙂 thanks for sharing!

Nov 19, 2011 Smile and Wince
by: Michael

These stories make me smile but at the same time I feel bad for these cats.

How the cat got up and down from such a large cactus without shredding his paw pads is beyond me.

It seems extraordinary. This cat also chased down the cactus head first most of the way – amazing.

I think the traffic light cat went there for warmth but how the hell he grasped hold of a painted metal surface is also beyond me. It just seems an awfully dangerous place to be with masses of traffic everywhere. I hope he survived.

My current cats have never got into a jam through curiosity. My lady cat is too cautious and my three-legged boy knows his limits.

I lived with a cat called Missie, my first cat. We went on a short holiday to the Cotswolds, a very nice and old part of England. We rented a cottage.

Within an hour of arriving my cat was calmly walking along the ridge of the roof! This is about 40 feet up. She had got out of a bedroom window and climbed the slopping roof and perched herself at the top. She was a fabulous climber and very pretty.

She came down safely. At home she climbed a 35 foot tree, heavily branched, and stopped at the top before turning around and racing head first back down! How she grasped the trunk and avoided the many branches is also beyond my comprehension.

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