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Curled Cat Coiled Snake Comparison — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Michael,

    Cats have some snakelike qualities.

    To that I might add that I’ve heard – but don’t quote me on this – that cats strike with their claws quicker than a snake.

    It might be true. I have relatives that live down south. Their cat catches and brings rattlesnakes into the house on a regular basis.

    As an aside, but related is the fact that the quickest of the professional boxers also strike faster than a snake. I think I saw that one on either Animal Planet or some kind of Myth De-bunkers show a few years ago. I don’t remember which show exactly.

    =^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

    • Interesting. It seems very feasible that cats strike with their paws faster than a snake because one the main reasons why the African-Asian wildcat was domesticated in the first place was to catch snakes. The African-Asian wildcat is a good snake catcher. I guess the cat has to move faster than a snake to do that.

  2. I’ve just bought a book on cat behavior by Desmond Morris and some of the information in there is fascinating! One of the things he mentioned were the comparisons of a coiled snake and curled up cat, but he also talked about a cat hiss and how it was more just similar to that of a snake. Also brought to attention was the ‘shake’ a cat does right before it pounces, which he likened to a snake swaying from side-to-side before striking. Just found your page, but I will be rummaging through it 🙂

      • I’ve had my own little cat, Zowie, for almost five years, so gaining a small insight into her actions and what’s behind them is, to me, well overdue. Unfortunately, in the book I read, it doesn’t really go into the differences between an outdoor domestic cat and an indoor cat. I do know an indoor cat has more sounds as opposed to an outdoor. I know that one all too well LOL

        A lot of people refer to me as ‘cruel’ for keeping Zowie indoors, but I live less than 20 feet from a main road where three cats have already been found this year. I’d rather spend money on good things for her, such as cat gyms, noisy balls (which are hidden from 9 pm-8 am!), and of course the good food.

        So if you know of any other reads about cat behavior that are more indepth, I’d be very grateful. Jude xxx

        • Hi Jude, thanks for visiting and commenting. There is actually a lot of information on this site about cat behavior. The search box will find it. There are many decent books about cat behavior but they tend to be a little bit boring for me. I agree, if you live near a main road you have to keep your cat inside. The British don’t like to do it. In the US it is common. If you have garden space a catio is a nice compromise.


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