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Custody battle brewing over ‘Zombie Cat’ — 7 Comments

  1. I tried posting a comment but pressed wrong key after having trouble typing on laptop, so not sure if it worked or not and its not showing up here, so if its being reviewed, pls delete. Basically the owner and one particular associate seem to have worrying motives re Bart, with a Go Fund Me account which was set up by them supposedly for his care and treatment but not a cent was passed on to the Humane Society, and it appears to be a complete scam to which many people donated in all innocence. I hope Bart is not returned to owner or any associates as it looks like they may have harmed him for media attention and money. I hope he is adopted to a lovely home.

  2. A clearer scenario is that the cat was hit by a car or beaten by the owners; and rather than be found guilty of animal-neglect, animal-endangerment, or animal-abuse from just letting the cat lay lifeless for days somewhere as flies landed on it; they invented the “buried” story to cover their own asses. Like any cat-owners would if they found themselves in a similar situation from a car hitting their cat and being found guilty of the very same laws.

  3. If the cat was truly buried, there would have been no maggots in its wounds. Maggots are fly larvae. Flies could not have landed on its wounds if buried deeply enough to cover the cat with even one inch of soil.

  4. From the little I’ve read, I’m prepared to give Tampa Humane Society the benefit of the doubt on this occasion.

    I believe they do have the best interests of this cat at heart. (They could have suggested euthanasia to the owner, instead of funding expensive surgery themselves.) Perhaps their concerns are not so much about abuse from the owner, but the safety of the local environment if the owner cannot keep the cat strictly indoors? Or maybe there’s background info we’re simply not privvy too yet?

    I hope Bart makes a good recovery and has quality of life wherever he calls home in the future.

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