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Custody battle over Rally Cat: Who should own the now famous cat and why? — 2 Comments

  1. We don’t really know the qualifications of any players to care for a cat, let alone a feral cat, whose needs go beyond those of a domesticated cat. To imagine that an entire team would care for a cat seems highly improbable. Where would the cat live? Who would be financially responsible? Who would ultimately be responsible?

    The positive benefit of this event would mean that the team could “play” a role in supporting the endeavors of St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach.

    Each member could “adopt a feral” by providing financial support to help the organization find suitable homes.

    It could be a great PR move to benefit the team and the cats.

    • I agree that the needs of Rally should come first. If he is truly feral, I don’t think the publicity and the crazy antics of humans would be in his best interest. I have 4 true ferals living with me at this time. The reason I don’t let them out is that all four are totally deaf and 2 were rescued as kittens, one found his way to my house and ventured into the laundry room, and one came from a friend in another town who had to sell his home and didn’t want to let the little girl loose. Over the years, they have adjusted well to indoor living. I respect their opinions and they will come up to me for an ear rub or two.

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