Cute all-white deaf cat vocalises her surprise and excitement when ‘owner’ turns up

Deaf white cat expresses surprise with her meow at presence of owner

Deaf white cat expresses surprise with her meow at presence of owner

There is a surprisingly high percentage of all-white deaf cats. This cutie is deaf and unable to hear her approaching human guardian which means she is more likely to be surprised by his/her close presence when he turns up.

It is all very sudden. We know how cats are so sensitive to approaching people or cars, for instance, due to their excellent hearing. This ability is denied this cute cat which is why she meows loudly when suddenly she is in the presence of her owner. You can see her in one segment looking around rapidly and then realising that her owner is there.

Cute video and cute cat. Apologies about the video quality which is poor. It must have been copied a dozen times.

What percentage of white cats are deaf?

Warning of impending arrival

From Albert Schepis:

Yes, adorable for sure. I had a deaf cat (Polar Bear) who I tried not to surprise at all. He had also been declawed and abandoned, so I knew he’d had enough hardship from humans already. I tried to warn him I was near or approaching by tapping or thumping the floor and I waited for him to notice me before I came closer. He was VERY vocal too. He’d often go into the bathtub to “sing” (I think he could feel the vibrations). He learned to trust me completely to the point of being able to go outside with him for brief walks in the yard. We kept our eyes on each other and he always came running to me when I motioned him to. He was so special and I cried terribly when I had to euthanize him. I don’t think the vets will ever forget that day either…

Deaf white cat

Polar Bear – a wonderful cat.

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Cute all-white deaf cat vocalises her surprise and excitement when ‘owner’ turns up — 5 Comments

  1. We had a deaf white cat when I was very little. He had the biggest purr. We used to stamp on the floor too, to let him know we were there.

    Mum used to say he purred so loudly ‘cos he didn’t think anyone could hear him. He had a big miaow at feeding times.

    Polar Bear, what a beautiful soul. He couldn’t have found a kinder person to trust than you Albert.

  2. Working with cats most my life ye should never approach a deaf cat from behind and if ye need to wake it from a nap then ye gently tap the table,bed and then it wont be startled,just saying.

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