Cute cat gently grabs owner’s hand with both paws and places hand over her face

Cat gently grabs owner's hand using both forelegs and paws to pull hand towards her face
Cat gently grabs owner’s hand using both forelegs and paws to pull hand towards her face
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This sweet cat has got into the habit of pulling her owner’s hand over her face by placing both her paws on his hand and pulling it towards her. It is a routine and she must love the feeling of his hand on her face. I don’t think this sort of cat behavior is unusual. My cat loves my hand on the back of his head. He looks over to me and more or less asks me to put my hand on his head. Other times he’ll press his head against my leg when on my lap. He loves the pressure. It is probably makes him feel secure.

The video maker says that the cat pulls the hand over her face to block out light as she is sleepy. I disagree. I believe that it is much more about (a) contact with her human caretaker which feels nice (b) the scent of the man’s hand and (c) the feeling of security it brings. The cat’s actions tell us that cats can be very effective communicators with humans.

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