Cute dog wants to play with a group of cats but they chase her away

Cute dog wants to play but the cats won't have it
Cute dog wants to play but the cats won’t have it. Calico eyes the dog and prepares to chase her away.
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“She thinks it’s all play, they think it’s war!” – comment on video

Apparently every time this dog walks past a neighouring property with a great garden she wants to play with the cats. She is revved up to play and it is very cute to see her like this. She wants to fully enter the property but the cats prevent it and try and chase her away. Apparently the two female calico cats are the most persistent and determined to chase her away. They say torties and calicos have ‘catitude’ – proof in the puddding.

“She always gets chased off by our two fearless female cats.”

It’s a complete conflict of attitude and I wish the cats would let her play with them. It seems that the dog does not get the message because she comes back for more. In fact, she appears to believe that the cats are playing with her!

A slightly serious thought: The video comes from Walter Santi (and family?) who have seven outdoor cats. They have 322,000 subscribers on YouTube. That’s interesting partly because no one is questioning why they have seven outdoor cats. A lot of people won’t like this for the usual well-rehearsed reasons e.g. wildlife predation. It makes a nice video though.

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