Cute kitten goes mountaineering up the leg of owner (video)

Kitten climbing leg of owner
Kitten climbing leg of owner
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I love the cute yet ferocious determination of this little kitten as she goes mountaineering up her owner’s right leg in the kitchen.

There is nothing to say except that this is not unusual as we all know to our cost. In fact it is commonplace for young cats and it sort of hurts a bit. It’s all linked to the perennial cat-to-human problem: they live in a land of giant cats – us. How can they do all the feline things when the height difference is so great and almost insurmountable? But not quite insurmountable if you are a good little mountaineer as all cats are. Who asked the question whether cats are good climbers? All cats, wild and domestic, are good climbers and some are exceptional.

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