Cute Kitten Pictures (Siamese, Bengal and Maine Coon)

Here are some “cute kittens pictures” from three prominent and extremely popular cat breeds: Siamese, Bengal and Maine Coon. Below each photograph I have used the words of the photographer, Helmi Flick, as a basis to describe the circumstances surrounding the creation of the photographs.

Siamese Kittens
Siamese Kittens
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This is a litter of ten Siamese kittens (“LUV-SUN kitten litter “The Herd”). The prop (the chaise longue) was supplied by the breeder. The result is superb because Helmi (with Ken wrangling) got nine of the kittens pretty well looking towards the camera. There is one “spoiler”! To be expected. The couch was not longue enough…. 🙂

These photo sessions don’t last that long because after about 5-10 minutes the cats become more difficult to position as you can image. There is an element of urgency about the session. It has to be done efficiently

Bengal Kittens
Bengal Kittens

Helmi has photographed five first filial (F1) – one generation from the wild – Bengal kittens, all with amazing coats. The deep contrast, the markings on the forehead and the white around the eyes give them the appearance of their wild cat ancestor the Asiatic Leopard Cat. The kittens were bred at Stacy Hansen’s TexasStar cattery.

The photo has been created using Photoshop. Except for the two at the right of the photo, the kittens were photographed one at a time and then merged. Sandbags were employed to keep the props from moving. Other parts of the photo were also added later: the front part of the deck (table) and the logo.

Maine Coon Kittens
Maine Coon Kittens

This is a Helmi photo of four 12-week-old Maine Coon kittens. Their coats are as follows: two brown classic torbie females and two brown classic tabby males. They were posed by Helmi’s husband, Ken. He uses a variety of teases (feathers etc. on sticks) and noises plus other devices to encourage the cats to position themselves nicely for Helmi’s camera. She times the photograph and it demands split second timing. Sometimes the breeder helps out in the handling of the cats.

See a page on Helmi Flick and Ken wrangling plus photos of their set up.

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4 thoughts on “Cute Kitten Pictures (Siamese, Bengal and Maine Coon)”

  1. Beautiful kits.
    How could there be a litter of 10 Siamese?
    I don’t think that is possible from one mum cat.

    • Yes, Dee, I don’t think it is possible either. I have used Helmi’s words 😉 We’ll just have to go along with it.

  2. I always had fun taking a photograph of our kittens through the years – the best bet is to have either:
    1. a camera at hand, or
    2. a helper ‘teasing’ the kitten into position or manning the camera, or
    3. lots of toys and treats in hand

    I have been selected to have my kitten pictures in the 365 Kittens-A-Year calendar 4 times, and at least twice on the cover. One of my photos was too good – it looked like a professional had done it – they didn’t chose it!! But, with literally THOUSANDS of kitten photos from around the world, it doesn’t surprise me, I felt especially lucky when I did get in. I’ve included one that got in….


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