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Cute Munchkin, Super Tiger, Lion, Bear Buddies and Sadness — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve never seen the bear and kitties pic before. I like it.
    The poor mama monkey and her baby break my heart.

      • Me too Michael. I want to line every animal abuser up against a wall and shoot them one by one.
        I don’t have a gun of course and have never even touched one, but in my imagination I could soon learn how to aim and wipe out all the evil people on this earth even if it took the rest of my life to do it.

  2. I am tired of the abuse and the exploitative photos. Dropping bombs with a shocking caption are irresponsible and immature. What do they actually accomplish? It’s just a way to make themselves feel like they are doing something, while not actually doing anything at all. People can feel bad, click Like and move on. It’s a down right shame.

    I think that is a Munchkin as well. A real cutie.

    I have seen the lion, tiger and bear photos and video several dozen times now. It seems to be a the place our local news go to when they have 20 seconds to fill at the end of the broadcast. It feels like an abuse, rather than a celebration of a beautiful thing.

    Thanks, back to work.

    • Nice points Dan. It is ironic that we love to see the bear, lion and tiger together yet all three are shot for sport hunting and the tiger is mercilessly poached for its body parts. Humans are strange. So I guess you are right. Humans are good at exploiting animals.

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