Cute Oriental Shorthair Kitten

Here is a cute Oriental Shorthair Kitten. In fact, there are two. This little cat captured my heart at the Apr 25-26, 2009 Oklahoma City OK – TICA Thunderkatz cat show. This was a nice show and Marty Young came in with this little cat and a white one of similar age, to be photographed. I have (as usual!) forgotten their names. But my word! These cats melted my heart and I am not usually a great fan of Oriental Shorthair cats.

It is quite difficult to photograph adult cats but a little slightly unsure and nervous kitten, like this one, is harder. But as usual Helmi and Ken produced the goods. I am very impressed with the finished result, which I publish here as well so you can get a better feel for the quality:

Oriental Shorthair kittens
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Oriental Shorthair kitten – photo copright Helmi Flick
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Now, what of the little white one that Marty also brought in to the studio. Well, I’ve taken a still from a video camera (1 MG image). I am sorry the quality is a little weak but here it is:

Oriental Shorthair kitten
Oriental Shorthair kittens on Marty Young’s shoulder

Meeting these cats was one of the memorable experiences at this cat show for me. Another was the Oklahoma wind, that screamed for the entire time through a nearby tower.

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