Cute Video of Twisty Cat’s First Time in a Car

Twisty cats are born with forelegs which are not right (shortened, twisted or absent radius and ulna of the forelimb). The condition is called radial hypoplasia. This lady has filmed her rescue twisty cat, Atlas, in the back of her stationary car.

Twisty cats develop a strong use of their backs and hind legs to compensate. As you can see they stand on their hind legs somewhat like kangaroos to give themselves a higher viewpoint. The media have dubbed them “kangaroo cats”. I think this is unkind.

Understandably, Atlas looks anxious but he also looks very cute. He seems to rub his forelegs against his side in his anxiety. You want to give him a cuddle.

There is a page on PoC about a cat breed called the Squitten. Someone created a breed from this genetic mutation. As I recall the project was a failure and rightly so. People see the wrong in doing that.

The video is on Reddit uploaded, I believe, by user gDisasters.

2 thoughts on “Cute Video of Twisty Cat’s First Time in a Car”

  1. Personally, I hate this video.
    Ofcourse, Atlas would be anxious in a car. I’m certain that he is a completely indoor cat and that this may be his first venture out.
    Unless he has a vet visit, I find it cruel that this caretaker has him in a car unsecured and uncomforted.

    • I completely get your point and you are correct. I suppose I just saw the cute side of it but there is an uncomfortable side to it too.


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