Cute, Vulnerable, Cuddly, Kissable, Loveable, Maine Coon Kittens (Lithuania)

Maria Johansson wrote a comment on a page that I wrote about how to select a proper Maine Coon cat. She left a link and I followed that link and saw some very cute photographs of her young kittens so I’ve taken the liberty of publishing two of her photographs on this page with a link back to her breeding cattery. I hope that is all right with Maria. I couldn’t resist because these kitten pictures shows such vulnerability and cuteness. Of those two qualities, for me, vulnerability stands out.

Maria says that Ben has a coat which is blue-with-white and she says that Bally’s coat is black smoke but she is not sure.

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The kittens were born on 19th March 2014.

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7 thoughts on “Cute, Vulnerable, Cuddly, Kissable, Loveable, Maine Coon Kittens (Lithuania)”

  1. They are beautiful kittens and are going to make amazing cats but I just don’t think they should be handled at such an early age

  2. I don’t know how anyone, even a Woody, could look at these pics and not fall in love.

    So many times I wished that I had experience in caring for baby kitties but, I don’t. I can’t even make myself enter that realm, because I have such a full plate now.

    It really hurt my heart to tell my neighbor not long ago that I couldn’t help with a young litter whose mother was killed in the road. The best I could do was to give them names and numbers of people I thought would be able to help and to print out an article (thanks, Michael) from POC.

    I was a happy ending though. I’m told that they are thriving in foster care and will be up for adoption soon.


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