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Cute well groomed cat wants to share dinner with cute well groomed female human — 5 Comments

  1. I really do wish they would cease the word “owners” when it comes to the furkids! They are not objects. We own cars, houses, clothes, etc… They are sentient beings. The proper word is guardians.

      • Sheesh! very dark ages around here today.

        Q.What about old men, what do they adopt?

        A.Stereotypical, male chauvinism.


        • No, this is not male chauvinism. It does not surprise me that a woman would write this comment. Are you the Germaine Greer? Is so thanks for commenting, by the way. You won’t believe it but I am a supporter of women’s rights. And animal rights. In fact, I am keener on animal rights 😉 because there is a greater need.

          Look, I am making a simple observation as coldly and as factually as I possibly can. If it is wrong that’s fine but it is not dark ages stuff. I am afraid you are overly sensitive. I have seen it before (and I have seen tens of thousands of pictures of cats): young pretty women with pretty cats. They sometimes treat pets as accessories. Not always but generally there is a trend that way.

          Look at Taylor Swift for instance. She carries around a purebred Scottish Fold under her arm. This is a designer cat with flat ears. It is all about appearance: her appearance and all her ‘accessories’. Paris Hilton is another one. She liked dwarf cats – handbag type cat.

          One last point. I wanted the title to be catchy and symmetrical.

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