Cute White Tiger Cub Genuinely Scares Mother

This is a very cute and very short video of a white tiger cub scaring his mother accidentally. You would not have expected it. The mother was probably distracted and immersed in something and suddenly heard the entrance of something which scared her. Perhaps she was a bit jumpy anyway but we don’t know.

The only upsetting aspect about this cute video is that white tigers are massively inbred because they are a commercial product. Customers to zoos don’t see the badly deformed white tigers which are no doubt put down very quickly. It’s very sad. There are no white tigers in the wild. The last wild adult was shot (can you believe it) as I recall in the 1950s leaving a single male cub who was adopted and raised by humans.

1 thought on “Cute White Tiger Cub Genuinely Scares Mother”

  1. I don’t think it was accidental at all, but he immediately seemed to think he shouldn’t have done it. So cute. Mom’s ears were pinned too. Still, that was a completely defensive reaction from her (flight rather than fight) so I bet she’s pretty docile to the core. Definitely not wild, definitely raised by humans. I wanna pet and snuggle her…. and play with junior.


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