Cutest kitten takes to human’s lap when sleepy

The video is embued with a ton of tenderness. I love the way the kitten decides to climb onto her human companion’s lap when she wants to sleep. You can see her gradually falling asleep while sitting. She (I have elected female) makes a conscious decision to climb onto his lap for a good snooze. It is the conscious, rational decision that I particularly like. It is a good decision. Much better and warmer. The question is for how long did he allow her to stay there?

It is from Japan. They like their cats in Japan. But they don’t like whales do they? The refuse to behave decently when it comes to whale coservation. Not a good look for the country and totally unacceptable. The overfishing of the planet is nuts. It has got to stop.

The Google translation for the video is: I was desperately trying to sit and sleep in Spring. 春ちゃん座って寝そうなのを必死に我慢してました.

Cute kitten climbs onto man's lap when tired
Cute kitten climbs onto man’s lap when tired
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