Cymric Breed Standard

Cymric Breed Standard – This page briefly discusses the breed standard by reference to a Helmi Flick photo:

Cymric - Julep standing to right
Cymric – Julep standing to right
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The Cymric Breed Standard referred to is the American Cat Fanciers Association Standard (ACFA). I don’t discuss the full standard but a selection. As is apparent from Helmi’s fine photographs, this cat is chunky, round and broad chested, with hind legs noticeably longer than the forelegs. Re-word that into Breed Standard speak and the general appearance of this cat breed should be one of roundness with a round head and prominent cheeks. In fact this is the most compact (cobby) of all the cat breeds.

The back (or length of the body) is short and this is clearly seen in the photographs.

The head should have prominent cheeks and be a little longer than wide (kinda round :). The neck should be short and thick. The eyes are widely spaced and round. The eye color should “conform” to the coat color ideally (presumed to mean in harmony with the coat color aesthetically).

The body should be medium to large and compact. Once again this is apparent from the slide show. The short back arches up over its length. The Cymric should have a stout appearance and be heavieir than expected in weight, indicating a solid cat that is on the large side.

The “flank” should have a greater depth than any other breed. Flank: “when viewed from the above the stomach area is of  a good size” (Legacy of the Cat – Gloria Stephens and Tetsu). This will reinforce the compact appearance (a bit like a short hatchback car :). An allowance should be made for younger cats as they will have less depth of flank for example.

As is the case  for the Manx, the Cymric should “appear” tailless. A small rump or rise will not be penalized provided it does not stop the judges hand passing over it (felt with palm of hand only).

The coat is medium in length (one half to 2 and one half inches). Toe and ear tufts are desirable. The texture is silky and dense which helps prevent matting. It is thick and plush. A faded color is desirable. The acceptable colors are the same as for the Manx.

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