Cymric Cat Pictures

Here’s a series of Cymric cat pictures in a Picasa3 montage that I pieced together. The important thing is that the photographs are by Helmi Flick and the cat is gorgeous. He is a bicolor – black and white – obvious I suppose.

The Cymric is a stock, chunky cat which enhances the tailless appearance. It is perhaps the most stocky (cobby) of all the cat breeds (with the Manx, the shorthaired variety).

Cymric cat breed pictures in a collage pictures by Helmi Flick USA

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The Cymric is a playful and loyal cat. They’ll bond well with the special person in their lives.

Apparently the Cymric loves high perches. A lot of cats do as it provides a sense of security. It is interesting that the Cymric likes jumping to high perches because without a tail his or her balance is slightly impaired. The more a cat requires good balance the longer the tail will be (e.g. clouded leopard and snow leopard).

The coat is silky medium long and feels well-padded.

The Cymric has been around in the cat fancy on a formal basis – championship level – since the 1970s in Canada and the 1980s in the United States.

Gloria Stephens in her excellent book, Legacy of the Cat (with Tetsu the photographer) says that in some bloodlines kittens appear healthy until they start eating solid food. This seems to mean that a health problem starts at the time when the kitten has grown to the point where he or she eats solids.

Unfortunately, there are health issues with tailless cats.

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