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Cyprus: where there are more cats than people — 3 Comments

  1. Having super cats that correspond to fine “breeds” occurring naturally and roaming free is a bit beyond most people’s understanding. TNR is a perfectly sound program but in Turkey and Cyprus it carries serious risks to the survival of Angoras and Vans. Another serious problem is that these cats are only protected from loss by the export prohibition. The law makes no mention of any prohibition of neutering and spaying which actually is a much bigger threat to them. The Turkish authorities always blame illegal exportation of these cats as the only reason for their increasing scarcity. That is totally false. I will bring that up at the conference in Ankara.

  2. Hi Michael. Thanks for writing to keep the topic of Cyprus cats on-going. I have my worries about any program to neuter the random bred cat population of Cyprus. Virtually nobody has any idea of the value of a good proportion of the cats in mention. they are all regarded as the same and grist to the mill when in fact they are not all the same. It’s takes some knowledge to understand that, but that knowledge is missing. I have so many examples of people adopting free-roaming beautiful Angoras and immediately neutering them thus cutting them off from any descendants. When asked how they feel about contributing to their impending extinction their usual reply is that they didn’t know or that there are too many cats. I counter by asking them if they think there are too many super pure white Angoras, or why it wasn’t obvious that such cats are not ordinary but are in fact very special. The mind set of people is very much influenced by the cat fancy which brainwashes them into thinking that cats without any fancy pedigree are worthless moggies. Then why do they adopt them as something special and then proceed to prevent their conservation as if they were nothing special? A lot of muddled thinking here, or no thinking at all. Or are their main concerns that of their own convenience? Cats in Cyprus and Turkey are nearly 100% free-roaming cats but which get a lot of help from sympathetic people. I do not see that they have reached the point of being a serious nuisance. Natural attrition keeps their number in check . There is only one female cat and 2 kittens at the Doner City restaurant now whereas there used to be 10 or more at any one time not including maybe up to 30 cats and kittens that have dispersed over the past 4 years.

    • Hi Harvey. Thanks for commenting. I had not crossed my mind that neutering the stray (community) cats might harm the population of beautiful Angoras (and Vans I presume). It is a very good point if that is the point you are making.

      I agree, as you know, about how the American cat fancy has messed up. The Angoras and Vans of Turkey and in Cyprus are fabulous.

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