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Dade City Zoo Criticised By Many But They Deny Everything — 7 Comments

  1. There is no such thing as a zoo that lets you play with tiger cubs. I would be curious to know how they manage breeding and the DNA of these cubs. Inbred? Genetic defects ? Tigers are on the verge of extinction. The majority of tigers in private zoos and backyard type exhibits are not viable to help replenish the wild gene pool. Which these fools obviously have confused with a swimming pool.

      • White tigers do occur in the wild. Their coloring however make them unsuitable for survival. The tigers natural coloring lets the animal blend so it can ambush attack. Breeding a mutant color of an endangered animal only serves to make them spectacles side show acts like Siegfried and Roy I always forget which one of them wears the drool bucket these days and backyard pseudo zoos as novelty attractions.
        Whereas the goal of biological parks now have moved away from simply being a display center for living animals in cages to housing them in suitable environments. And I fully support a well run biological park. The ability of the average person to see and connect to these wild animals builds empathy for preserving their right to exist in the wild. Biological parks also keep their breeding stock viable by exchange of animals and AI so animals like tigers are assets if and when the ability to introduce them into the wild exists.
        When ever you breed specifically for one trait or color something nasty eventually piggy backs into your program.

        • I think you’ll find there are no white tigers in the wild. The last one (1951) was a cub (male – Mohan) who is the ancestor of all current white tigers all of which are in zoos.

          I respect your views but I don’t think seeing captive cats in zoos builds empathy for cats in their natural habitat. It just builds a habit that wild cats are seen in zoos. It builds a model of failure and abandons the wild cats in their natural habitat who are left to the activities of big business who destroy their habitat and therefore their lives.

          • It is a mutation. It’s probably happened more than once.
            As a child we had a zoo where the big cats lived in cages that were no bigger than 12×12 and the resident chimp lived in one smaller, wore a hat and smoked cigarettes.
            As to modern bio parks. There is good and bad. I think the presentation has a great deal to do with how the animals are seen. I did see where a keeper had been killed by a tiger here recently. They are never tame. Ever.
            I have learned to put my energy at real problems like private ownership of big cats and so called zoos like the one cited here where you can swim with vulnerable baby tigers. Handling is limited when they are young to prevent exposure to disease.
            No one needs a big cat, bear, or primate as a pet. I count 7 us states that don’t even require a permit.

  2. 330,000 signatures is 0.004% of all possible supporters. That’s not any kind of evidence that “clearly indicates public opinion against them.” Only 4 thousandths of 1 percent is no indication at all.

    And I find it rather remarkable that you would support PETA in this considering they kill all feral and stray cats. Hypocrite much? 🙂

    • You are wrong. To get these sorts of numbers on an online petition is exceptional and it does clearly indicate strong public opinion against it.

      PETA are not perfect. I do differ on some of what they do but they support animals in a world that humans like you make difficult for animals.

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