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Dallas police officer placed on leave after allegedly killing a cat — 1 Comment

  1. A few years ago I had a bad neighbor who told Missouri wildlife officer my cats killed a baby Great Heron. So the officer set up snare traps and killed several before I realized what was happening. If the snare didn’t kill the cat the neighbor bashed their head in with a shovel. The fact was the neighbor killed the parent Heron and stole the baby because his son wanted it and then it died. I called a lawyer friend who called the wildlife office and threatened them if they didn’t remove the snares from private land. Some of the cats in my album were killed, others got adopted and some still live with me. I know fate put me in the place to save the kitties cuz when I moved here there was 200 cats on a 1/4 mile dirt road and no one cared about them. I’ve probably spent 20K in 13 years helping them. Enjoy my kitty pics. https://www.flickr.com/photos/blueinmo/albums/72157622874294954

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