Dalmatian nurses Savannah cat – not freaky

A “freaky habit” of Savannah cat suckling on Dalmatian’s teats is normal under these circumstances…

Dalmation nurses Savannah cat
Dalmatian nurses Savannah cat
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The video shows a tabby cat, Mini, nuzzling up to her dog companion, a Dalmatian, Lola. They were adopted three months apart in late 2016.

They are very close friends and often play together. They are clearly best buddies says their owner, Sarah, who also says that the habit is a bit weird.

She doesn’t discuss why it might happen. In my opinion, the reason is that her cat, Mini, has been weaned too early and therefore has a desire to suckle. Because she is best friends with Lola who had a phantom pregnancy when she was in season but never mated, the natural outlet for Mini is to choose Lola who developed teats which were ready for puppies.

It appears that Lola finds it emotionally calming to allow Mini to express her cravings to suckle. This also helps Sarah.

Dalmation nurses cat
Dalmatian nurses cat

Sometimes cats who are weaned early develop conditions such as wool sucking and other items. Sometimes early weaned cats suckle on a person’s finger or earlobe, something like that. This can be a bit disturbing to some cat “owners”. Sometimes they can suck their thumbs:

Kittens Sometimes Suck Their Thumbs

Because both dog and cat have a need for this particular behaviour then it is mutually beneficial and beneficial to a third party, their owner. Therefore it is normal under theses circumstances and not weird.

Nothing in nature is weird. All of it can be explained scientifically and through cause and effect.

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