Damiel My Amazing Turkish Angora Cat

by Bill


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Intro: This is wonderful story from a visitor. It is not often I receive such a complete, moving and intense story about the life of a cat written by a visitor. My thanks to Bill.

Damiel came to live with me on January the 10th 2000 from the local SPCA. He was taken there because he had reacted badly to the former owner's newborn baby. He was so scared and completely messed up. He had no chance at being adopted because he was so scared of the shelter he would bite anyone who approached him.

When I was at the shelter I passed by the cage he was in without looking in. I felt a tap on my shoulder but could not figure out where it came from.

I finally turned around to find Damiel staring me in the eye mouth wide open and meowing. I could see the terror in his eyes and that he was very scared but he reached out to me.

I was struck by his beauty from the instant I saw him. He was so white and there is nothing as white as him.

He came home with us.

The shelter was very surprised with the fact we were adopting him. I read through his file and was shocked with the description from his former owners. They did not know how old he was nor did they really explain where he had come from in the first place.

I remember the words on the adoption papers "Pure Bred Turkish Angora", on the page. He was a very very skinny looking cat. I thought he was just malnourished.

On the ride home I could already tell he was going to be a challenge. The friendly pokes from the cage were now replaced with bites and snarls.

That night on his arrival home he began to sneeze and would not eat. He also did not want to be petted or touched by anyone. The slightest move towards him would result in a bite or a swat.

This cat had been through hell and it showed.

In the following days I spent hours trying to get him to eat. He was so sick from the flu and congested he could not breathe through his nose and I would take him into the shower and turn on all the faucets with hot water to help him to breath!

It was a struggle for several says and got so skinny at one point he was just over five pounds. We were told he was seven years old but they did not really know.

All I knew was that I had a absolutely beautiful looking white Turkish something or other with a severe flu that did not want to be handled by anybody!

Time passed and Damiel recovered from his flu. It took many months for me to be allowed to touch him. I have no idea what his former owners had done to him but it had not been good from the looks of things.

He gained a bit of weight and it was obvious to me this cat would be happier if he would have been the only cat in the house.

Over these months he would come and sit by me or lay on the top of the couch behind my head. The tapping of me to say hello became more regular and after some time I was allowed to pet him.

Petting slowing turned into snuggling and playing but still there was something a little wild in him that would occasionally trigger the urge in him to give me a nasty chomp but nothing so hard to make me bleed.

A lot of people would have not been able to spend the time with an animal who was so messed up but I am glad that I did.

As time went by Damiel was always at my side. I recently read somewhere that the average person spends fifteen minutes a day with there cats.

Damiel pretty much was at my side day after day for hours at a time. You shouldn't have to worry about whether or not your cat is getting enough attention with an Angora as they come and make you pet them if you like it or not.

He liked to talk a lot, sometimes beeping and chirping purring like crazy and the occasional dust up with one of the other cats would result in a loud, loud, loud scream that was just the worst possible sound you could imagine from a cat.

Damiel was such a amazingly agile cat; able to literally run circles around any of the other cats in the house and leaping like some kind of martial arts wizard from wherever and what ever he could.

I would say if Damiel is any indication of what Turkish Angoras were originally, they must have been given some kind of special ingredient when it comes to how clever they are.

They love to hide in boxes and a open suitcase is a invitation for them to hop in and hide out. Where ever I was, Damiel would want to be by me.

Several years into our friendship Damiel had pretty much decided I was allowed to pet him whenever I wanted and that I was worthy of his undying love and affection.

Everyone who would come to visit would get the warning that he was really picky with who was allowed to pet him. Everyone who saw him thought he was stunningly beautiful and I think that Damiel really reminded people that despite the fact there is a lot of terrible things in this world, there is still some really beautiful things put here for us to experience.

I know he always made me feel better when I did not feel my best and that he could make me laugh with his crazy behaviour. The fancy-prancy-dance they do when they come marching in to see you. the way they can sprint down the hall too fast for your eyes to follow. There is something about the way an Angora looks you in the eye that says, "Hey I can see you and I know you can see me too."

Over the years that I had him I spent countless days with him in the music studio I have at home. He was curious about anything and everything he could see. I would sometimes wonder, don't you have anything better to do but it was obvious for him there was no place he would rather be.

Some days I would need to be apart from him and he would knock on the door relentlessly until I would finally cave and let him into the music room.

One day we tried to walk Damiel on a leash and to our shock he accepted this as if it was normal!

Outside he was paraded about and he loved being out there for all to see. All the children in the neighbourhood were in awe of him.

During Christmas time he would even allow us to put a red sweater on him and he became "Santa Kitty". He loved that so much.

He was so smart that when we put on his sweater he would head to the door knowing he was going to get to go outside. The site of the leash in our hands would see him heading towards the door knowing he was going to be out and about strutting about.

Well three months or so damiel began to limp a little and nothing at first but slowy it got worse over a week or so. When we went to the vet the word fibrosarcoma was mentioned and we didn't know how old he was so the vet did not have much hope.

He was given some medication and we hoped for the best but when the mass on his shoulder began to appear it was obvious that my beautiful Damiel was in trouble.

I spent the last three months of his life at his side comforting him and making sure he still had as good a quality of life as he possibly could.

He became weaker and his leg became lame. He could still walk and I could see he still wanted to be in this world.

I have spent a lot of time reflecting on the last ten years of my life that I shared with this amazing friend, thinking of the good times and the bad times.

The bad times were very bad for me. During the summer of 2006 my mother had committed suicide and I had fallen into a deep depression. Damiel was constantly at my side and he always gave me a reason to keep moving forward; whether it was his pokes for me to pet him or his flat out demands to be played with by meowing in my ear.

He had no longer any sign of his old self when he was a scared abused cat. He was so affectionate and so loyal. I mean most people cannot understand how a cat can be a real friend but during this time he most certainly was.

There were many good days in the final months with him. I could tell he lived for me to be around him and his eyes would light up when I would come into the room or when I called his name.

The vet still did not know what was his illness but I decided that seeing as how Damiel could very well have been twenty for all I knew, that I would do my best to keep him happy as long as i could.

He was so brave. Eventually he stopped eating and I knew it would not be long.

I force fed him but he got to the point where he could no longer make it to the litter box.

I could not let him live like this. He was only living for me at this point; I could tell. I could tell that I made him very happy and that he loved to be around me right up to the end.

On the morning of December the 12th 2009 I decided after his good morning chirp and weak purr greeting that it would not be right for me to put him through anymore.

Yesterday, I let him go to sleep with me at his side peacefully for the last time.

He was such a amazing cat. I do not think I am ready to find a new cat yet, but I do know I would not want to live this life without knowing another of these amazingly beautiful, loyal graceful and intelligent beings.

If you are given the chance to know a Turkish Angora you should take it.

I know Damiel changed the way I think about pets and animals in general. I will miss him everyday.


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Damiel My Amazing Turkish Angora Cat

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May 01, 2012 Love NEW
by: Kandice

I have the same cat.your story touched my heart.

Sep 02, 2011 Damiel
by: Leila

I have lost my TUrkish Angora kitty last week. She was just two and a half years old.She had a HCM - heart deficiency, which the vet tried to cure for 4 months, but it did not work. I cried a lot reading your story amout Damiel. Turkish Angoras are indeed like angels - mine was white and blue eyed, but with a very independent personality, scratching and attacking "newcomers". She was brave and a very loyal friend- charming, playful and loving.I miss her a lot,but I am happy at least that she was loved and spoiled during her short life. Thank you for the Damiel story.

Mar 22, 2011 my condolences and our angora story
by: Anonymous

Dear Bill: I just adopted a white Turkish Angora, a very old girl who was left in a vet's office and then a small SPCA for a long time. I saw her on the web and could not believe that no one wanted the old girl so I drove two hours round trip to pick her up. She hid in our ceiling at first but now has warmed to us and lies on our bed. She is an old dear and I hope that she has many more years with us. But even if she does not, she will be well-loved.

Jan 14, 2011 condolences
by: Anonymous

Sincere condolences. There is no other sort of true friendship, I think. Humans are far less honest. I hope you can develop more such relationships.

I have had the good fortune of getting to know my neighbour's turkish angora - she now does not leave my side. she is incredibly intelligent and articulate. I wish she was ours.

Dec 24, 2009 My best friend is a cat
by: Anonymous

Your story has moved me to tears but thats OK. I cry every day regardless. I lost my boyfriend in late October and on my way home from his funeral on Nov. 3 2009 my Angora Furby walked across the road directly in front of my car. I see at least half a dozen animals dead on that stretch of road anytime I travel it. I went back and got him and its been love at first sight for both of us. You're right, an Angora will look at you like no other cat. Mine won't even purr. I think he reads my mind. Either that or sends silent commands as to what he wants from me.

Furby was totally different from Damiel in that he always accepted me. No scratching, biting, hissing. He didn't even mind the ride home after i found him. He was so small I could put my thumb and index finger completely around his belly.

I had family over last week and each of them passed him around for a belly rub. I think he wants to be an entertainer when he grows up.

I hope you find another pet to spoil. You deserve it. Please write another article when you find one

Dec 17, 2009 Me too
by: Michael

Well, I cried too! Great and sad story. Kathy, I am surprised that your Savannah is so hard on you. Is this a socialisation thing?

Dec 17, 2009 condolenses
by: kathy

Of course I started crying when I read your story. My cat Midnight sometimes reminds us of a Turkish Angora. She is Black with long hair.

I'm glad you gave Daniel a chance. Most people don't have the patience for crabby cats. My new Savannah is one of those crabby cats. The breeder told me it is a characteristic of the breed. She isn't mean, she just doesn't like to be handled.

She growls, snarls, hisses, and I just keep telling her she's a good girl, that everything is ok. She's totally friendly as long as you don't pick her up. Today we clipped her nails and it was like trying to clip a lion.

We eventually had to put a towel over her head. I held while my boyfriend clipped. The breeder told me that Savannahs aren't lap cats. Neither of my other cats are lap cats. But they don't go ballistic if you try to pick them up. They just don't like it but they do tolerate it if its required.

I'm glad we adopted this kitten because I hate to think what would have happened to her if she would have fallen into the wrong hands. I'm certainly spending a lot more than 15 minutes a day with all of my cats. When I come home from work I don't want to leave or go anywhere because I want to be with our cats..

I just got Lia back last February and I want to spend as much time with him as I can. Such is the reason today that I have over 200 unread pictures of cats on my e-mail. I'm sorry for your loss. My friend lost her cat yesterday and he was 21 years old. My cats are part of our family. I want to spend as much time with them as I can.

Dec 14, 2009 Thank you.
by: Bill

Thanks for all who have posted there messages. This is a very hard time for me and my better half Juliette.

Your comments about Damiel are very meaningful and kind. For those who offered donations I would just want people to give to any charity they know can help unwanted or abused animals.

Damiel was named after the angel from the movie "Wings of Desire".

I truly appreciate all your comments.

Thank you so much to the creators of this website for allowing Damiels story to be part of it.

Dec 14, 2009 A beautiful headstone
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Bill. You have lost an exceptional companion and nothing that we say here can possibly change the feeling of emptiness left by your friend's departure.
That final walk through the vet's door is the hardest, but it's something we cat lovers know we'll have to do some day. Anything above 15 years is a high age for any cat, so Damiel did indeed live a full life. And the quality of life he found through almost 10 years with you counts massively.
Your patience helped this sick and agressive cat recover and reveal his wonderful inner qualities. I can imagine how surprised you must have been, when he showed you that he could walk in a leash. And the comfort he offered you, when you needed it the most, was proof of the close bonding between you.
You have raised Damiel a beatiful headstone by telling his story here and his memory will live on with all of us, who got moved by reading it. Thank you for sharing.

Dec 14, 2009 Beautiful Testament to Damiel!
by: Lisa James


May the Goddess fill your life with blessings for all of the losses you've sustained, & for the 10 years you had with Damiel. You are SO right, not many people would have given him the time, patience, love & understanding you gave him to allow him to recover & be the amazingly beautiful being he became.

I have a wonderful little man here who lost his leg due to a vet's negligence, & even though Spot was a kitten from a very carefully planned breeding, & a top show quality kitten before he lost his leg, he is still beautiful to me, where he is an object of pity to many because of that loss of his limb.

You are EXACTLY the kind of person I would be happy to send ANY of my Turkish Angoras to! Please feel free to visit my "Turkeys" on the website if you want, they are always happy to "see" new people:

Grimoire Turkish Angora Cats

I have an old man going steadily downhill too, so I can truly empathize with how you're feeling, & have lost several old ones over the past 2 years. It does stop hurting eventually, & you can look back & remember them with love, joy, & laughter...



Dec 14, 2009 To Bill
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Bill your story about Damiel has touched me very deeply and my heart goes out to you at this sad time. You made a very brave and kind decision to let him go peacefully, but it must have been one of the hardest things you have ever had to do.
Don't ever let anyone tell you 'It was just a cat, you can get another to replace him' Because you can't !

You can never replace any much loved pet, especially one you have been through so much with as you have with Damiel. You were meant to be together and you gave each other such a lot.
You will never get over it, just like you will never get over your mother's suicide, but with time you do get used to them (people and pets) not being around.
I hope you have a peaceful Christmas.
R.I.P dear Damiel

Dec 14, 2009 What can I say
by: Michael

I loved your story, so beautifully told. It is a story that says a lot about us and the Turkish Angora, which makes it very special.

And I feel privileged that you have shared it, here, so soon after Damiel's passing. Thank you.

For me, this is one of the best pages on the site because it says all you need to know at a fundamental level about keeping a cat and how to relate to other animals. And, as mentioned, it is also a first hand account about the splendid characteristics of the Turkish Angora cat.

And then there is the journey of healing. There is nothing more poignant, beautiful and uplifting as the slow journey of healing of a beautiful but hurt cat. I have said before on many occasions that there is no such thing as "bad cat behavior". It is nearly always bad human behavior.

Message to Bill:

In recognition of this special page and in memory of a special cat, Damiel, if you would like to nominate a cat charity in Canada or indeed anywhere I will make a donation (from this website - its purpose is to make money for cat charities) to it and record that on the website.

Thank you once again for telling us Damiel's story.

Note:As you can see, I changed the title to include the name of the breed while retaining Damiel's name. This is to help Google find the article. I want it to be found as it is a diamond in the huge expanse of blandness that is largely the internet.

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