Dating app for cat lovers (they need one of their own)

I’ve just discovered a dating app for cat lovers. It is called Tabby – The Cat Person’s Dating App. The URL is I signed up to it to see how it works. It is very easy to become a member – sign up works well. I wonder, though, how hard it is to find someone compatible? I get the point of it though.

Love between cat lovers
Love between cat lovers. Picture: Pixabay (improved!).
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Some articles on animal advocates:

If you live with a cat it can bring out prejudices in people which might be apparent on mainstream dating websites but not, I hope, on this one. A lot of men (and women?) think that a man has to be gay to live with a cat! It is weird. This is certainly stereotyping people and it’s wrong and misguided.

There is a dog version of the app called Dig – The Dog Person’s Dating App which was launched in 2018 by Lerigh and Casey Isaacson. A couple of social media influencers appear to be generating some publicity for the app: Nathan “The Cat Lady” Kehn and Sterling “TrapKing” Davis.

It seems that Nathan considers himself to be a bona fide ‘cat lady’ with four cats. I think we can call him a ‘cat man’. I am sure that there are a lot more single men with cats who are macho enough for the most demanding female.

I don’t think you can equate an excess of oestrogen in men with cat ownership! Women do tend to like cats more than men but it is not exclusive. Hey, some of the best pictures of cats are of macho firefighters rescuing sooty cats from burnt out buildings. They tend to get the women interested.

Kingsley Amis the author said that (in so many words) if a man loves cats he’s going to be decent. And it is true. It is wider than that. If you love animals and are an animal advocate it’s 90 percent certain that you’ll be a decent sort. Women might remind themselves of this simple rule. Why should it be true? It’s because you need to have compassion in your DNA to fight for animal welfare. Compassion is a brilliant human attribute and comes from strength and decency.

Donald Trump is a good example of the opposite type. He does not like animals that much if at all. His sons like to shoot them for fun (sport hunting) and Trump was one of the few presidents not to have a companion animal at the White House. And we know what Trump is like. As mad as a fruitcake and an insurrectionist.

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