Daughter gave a cat to her dying dad with dementia

The story, presented in the form of an infographic, is instructive. It tells us that when we can’t give a dying relative with dementia a present because they won’t understand what it’s for, they will instinctively respond to the presence of a cat or dog. Dementia or not, it seems that humans respond positively to companion animals because they respond to animals. This is the reason for the existence of therapy cats and dogs. They do a lot of good in hospitals where they brighten up the lives of patients. You’ll see smiling elderly people in care homes when the therapy dog or cat is brought in to the home. And here we have a cat which has brightened up the last moments of a dying man with dementia. I love to see this sort of thing as it also benefits cats in general. It shows how beneficial they can be to millions of elderly people.

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The wise idea of Norma also benefited her. She was able to see her dad happier in those last moments. She gave her dad a great gift and it was thanks to a domestic cat. That’s the power of animals. They make us smile, don’t they?

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