Day off on passing of any pet demanded in France (infographic)

The French seem to be ahead of most nations in this regard: demanding an extension to statutory paid leave after the death of close relative to compassionate leave on the death of any companion animal but usually a cat or dog. This attitude applies to 68% of the pet owners who participated in this French study for the reason stated in the infographic. A reason which applies to most developed nations.

Compassionate leave on passing of any pet demanded in France (infographic)
Compassionate leave on passing of any pet demanded in France (infographic). Click on the image to see the original and to download it under an unconditional Creative Commons license.
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A debate on the topic on television prompted strong opinions. Clearly there will be objections by most employers but perhaps they might change their mind knowing that Gen Z like employment contracts that provide excellent terms including provisions for pets. Companion animals are a big part of their lives, more so than in the past for this age group. They need them for their mental health as they find modern working conditions too stressful. 😹😻

The links point to a couple of articles on this topic. I know in the UK it is an employee’s market meaning that they have the upper hand as too many Gen Z people are able to work but inactive post Covid. Apparently they don’t want to work and a lot of employers are finding it difficult to find staff. Or they cite health problems.

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