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Dead Flowers (photo) — 3 Comments

  1. Beautiful.
    I haven’t see this sort of thing since being a very little kid up north.
    Are those live flowers a sort of lily? Do they have a scent?

    • They are dead Dee. They have fallen from a plant. I love the quality of the image which is down to the light and camera and me 😉 . They are as found. I made no adjustments.

      It does help to have a high quality computer screen. The Apple retina displays would make this image look great.

      I am pleased you like the image. I like to take photographs. I makes me happy and occupies me.

      • So, the fresh looking ones have detached from a plant or tree? It’s all beautiful. I would gather handsful, smash them up, and put them in a beautiful vase with a lid.

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