Dead Flowers (photo)

I created this photo about 3 hours ago. It was taken in the Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park, London, UK. Why are dead flowers so beautiful? Perhaps they aren’t. They are to me.

They touch a nerve. A combination of beauty and sadness. The damage through dying makes them more beautiful for me because it highlights the beauty through contrasts.

It was a warmish winter day. The sky was clear. The dead flowers were in shade because this is a densely wooded garden. The ground was wet. The flowers had fallen late because the weather has been warm in London in 2014. The plants were flowering well beyond the usual time.

Forgive me for breaking out of the routine of dedicating the site to cats. I like the quality of the photo. It is almost translucent. It is bright and sad at the same time.

I am not necessarily into photographing flowers. I’ll photograph anything. What I like is the process of photography and the quality of the image. Image quality fascinates me. I love detail, tonal delicacy and refined colour.

The camera I used made a big difference in making this photo. It is the Sony QX100 camera/lens. It has no viewfinder. You use a smartphone as a viewfinder. They communicate wirelessly. The camera/lens is operated from the phone, normally, but there are controls on the lens as well.

3 thoughts on “Dead Flowers (photo)”

  1. Beautiful.
    I haven’t see this sort of thing since being a very little kid up north.
    Are those live flowers a sort of lily? Do they have a scent?

    • They are dead Dee. They have fallen from a plant. I love the quality of the image which is down to the light and camera and me 😉 . They are as found. I made no adjustments.

      It does help to have a high quality computer screen. The Apple retina displays would make this image look great.

      I am pleased you like the image. I like to take photographs. I makes me happy and occupies me.

      • So, the fresh looking ones have detached from a plant or tree? It’s all beautiful. I would gather handsful, smash them up, and put them in a beautiful vase with a lid.


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