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Dead tiger cubs found in a freezer at Thailand Tiger Temple — 13 Comments

  1. I actually visited that “sanctuary” 8 years ago – I was not impressed. The 3 cubs we saw had obviously had their collars on a long time. 2 of the 3 were awake and cranky, one especially so…. I would imagine with all the people pawing it and what? drugging? yeah, I sat next to the one “sleeping”, not knowing at the time that the poor thing was probably drugged. sick.
    I WAS NOT IMPRESSED WITH THE OBVIOUS ‘TOURIST’ ATTRACTION AND MISMANAGEMENT OF THE ANIMALS. Meanwhile, lots of other animals were freely roaming around, including a huge wild boar that could easily have killed anyone – the look in his eye made me really uneasy.

  2. When will someone point the big finger at China. If there were not market for all of these animal parts there would be no money made and the worlds poaching problem would be nearly as extinct as some of the animals used in potions.
    You have very poor people who find out they can make real money selling out the wildlife of their own countries for profit.
    Drugging tigers to get a selfie. Any western tourist who participated needs a spanking. In fact I’d go so far as to say any American returning to this country with a picture from that place should have it treated as contraband. I can literally see some nit wit animal activist visiting that place and having a save the tigers bumper sticker.
    This is off subject in a way but way too interesting to not leave a link. http://www.takepart.com/article/2012/10/17/baby-gorilla-poaching The gorillas are dismantling the snares left to catch them.

    • “If there were no market for all of these animal parts…”

      Exactly. The Chinese government should stop the trade but because the government is not in existence democratically they have to keep the citizens of China content to stop them protesting and causing civil unrest so they do nothing and the tiger pays the ultimate price. China is a poisonous country on so many levels.

    • The U.S. will never confront China because, to date, we owe them almost $15 trillion. Because of this, we will never stop trading with them even though they killed pets and babies with their tainted products a while back.
      The only dent that we Americans can make is to refuse to buy anything made in China. I do.

  3. No compassion at all.
    Kill the perpetrators. Kill them now!

    Seems that monks have no sense of right/wrong and will follow orders from whomever; certainly, not from their beloved godhead.

    Disgusted knowing that even monks are in the business of trade.

    Even madder that monks, as well as many church organizations (Catholic, Jehovahs, Latter Day Saints) are secretive organizations that feel they have a right to rule over every creature that walks the earth.

    They are not gods.

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