Deaf shelter cat struggling to get adopted because of health problems

Paris is a deaf cat at the Humane Haven Animal Shelter, BOLINGBROOK, IL, who has been at the shelter for almost a year. She has a great CV and I don’t think her deafness is the obstacle. The problem for Paris is that she has some health issues which require $5,000 of treatment to try and sort out: a repertory condition and restricted air flow in nose (are these the same problem?).

Deaf cat with respiratory health issue.
Paris. Photo: Humane Haven.
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“In order for doctors to diagnosis the cause of these health issues, it is imperative she receives additional tests including a nasal CT, rhinoscopy and nasal biopsies. Before she can receive these tests, full chemistry and blood panels are needed. The total cost of Paris’s treatment is going to be $5,000.”

So, Humane Haven created a crowdfunding page on which has done well and I always in awe of some people who donate so generously. For instance, five days ago Katarzyna Czarnecka donated $500. She has probably never met Paris nor visited Humane Haven and yet has been this generous. So far $2,670 has been raised out of the target of $5,000.

“Paris is a real sweetheart and a very special girl who is deaf. She’s nice, friendly and gentle. She is quite comfortable being around new people and adapting well to new situations. She has a ball playing with all kinds of toys and having her share of fun. She loves to give and get affection and to be petted and brushed.

This happy-go-lucky girl also gets along well with other cats. She’d be overjoyed to find a forever family who understands her needs and can share lots of love and happiness with her.”

Adoptions are held at the Bolingbrook PetSmart on Weber Road from 1-3 pm on Sundays and 5-7 pm on Wednesdays. If the cat you’re looking for isn’t there or those times don’t work for you, call Humane Haven Animal Shelter (630-378-4208) for more information or an appointment.”

The effort put in by the shelter is admirable as is the generosity of those who have donated. I wish every cat could benefit from this sort of concern.

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