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“DEAR ABBY: I’m recently married, and in my opinion, my wife has too many pets” — 10 Comments

  1. I’m glad to be in good company here. My last human companion didn’t like my companion cats and I was happy to oblige her ultimatum and moved out. I bought a home with my cats’ comfort in mind as the priority. In fact I “collected” more in the years to come. I used to care for barns of horses and saw little difference by comparison. Living conditions should suit all who live within a domicile, including humans, but we can be more finicky than animals and not realize it. A little dirt and fur should be tolerable, but when it isn’t it’s usually a case of a person showing their true nature being tested. Too much mess (that you can’t keep up with) is another matter and everything to a degree. I look forward to meeting someone who likes cats as much as I do, which aren’t quite as messy as dogs, but I think it goes beyond that… it goes to how much you love the animals. If you can’t accept a little mess then you don’t love them much at all, meaning I won’t love you for long either.

  2. I myself am fortunate that I have a tolerant husband because when we first got together we adopted our 1st cat ‘Trinity’ then there came Grey~Grey and ‘Storm’ then we bought a house and cats started being dumped on my property of which at first they were taken to our local SPCA and I then started to foster for the SPCA and I have been a foster failure 3 times so today in total I have 13 cats and my husband has never tried to tell me enough is enough and I keep my house tidy and I clean out all of their 8 litter boxes every other day but I am done taking in any more cats so 13 is my limit.

    • Don’t feel bad; I had 15 for 3 years running (which tapered off) and I look back on that time as the best in my life. My days were filled living with them, through them, all the interaction, affection and companionships; seriously, the more the merrier though there were some things to contend with. The extra work and expense was worth it. I miss that time… I miss them all terribly. I was so involved with them I didn’t imagine how it would be as they (and after they) passed away. Though I have four now, who didn’t even know the ones who came before, so it’s different. I love them too but my life now is relatively empty by comparison. You probably know this but enjoy while you can, and thank your husband every day for his tolerance and involvement in it. We all know the human / animal bond is pretty special; arguably something worth living for, giving your life a lot of meaning and value.

  3. Those advice columns were always a joke. The one sided blip about someone’s grievance and advice to ditch the loser.
    If the person you dated has pets it’s reasonable to assume your future wife/husband will have pets.
    If the house is trashed because there are 7 dogs in the house it’s not trashed because there are 7 dogs it’s trashed because both parties living there are pigs.
    Telling the spouse to turn the wife into the authorities is about as low as you can get. 7 dogs does not a hoarder make.
    I suggest if he hates his living conditions he confronts his wife with lousy housekeeping and they both pitch in and clean the place up or he is free to hit the road.

  4. Her twin sister Ann Landers had the same attitude toward pets vs spouses or significant others. Always advised to ditch the animal in favor of the human. That’s why I cared for neither of their “advice” columns, or them.

  5. I currently have 4 cats & have had as many as 6 at one time. If a man can’t or won’t accept my cats then there is absolutely NO room for him in my life. Would he ask me to “get rid of” my human kids if he didn’t like/approve of them? I would never turn my back on my 2 or 4 legged kids.

    • Yes, and as I’ve said here and in other threads, I left my last human companion who turned out to be just a fair-weather friend due to her in tolerance of my cats. Such people just don’t get it do they? Oh well, right? Bye, bye to them.

  6. To check out the actual articles to Dear Abby just Google “Man laments that his marriage has gone to the dogs”

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